A deeper dive into why I started this business..

A deeper dive into why I started this business..

Hi everyone!

I wanted to introduce myself again as it has been a while and go into a deeper explanation why I started this business that wasn't on the "About Me" section on the website. So let's begin!

My name is Summer O'Neill. I have moved from beach town to beach town from CA to Australia to Hawaii and after meeting my Missouri husband, I was introduced into the country lifestyle. Safe to say, I absolutely love it! Now living in St. George, UT and going back to San Juan Capistrano, CA to not only visit my family but also to keep the business running there, I have the perfect Country Surfer lifestyle. 

Now to the candles..I have always tried to find the cleanest products I can. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely am not perfect when it comes to it but hey I try my best to be! With candles however, I will not get anything that has toxic products in it. I was sick of getting headaches when I would burn a candle so most of the time I just left the candle out with the lid open. Then I decided one day to research into it and figured out that my candles I loved were full of horrible things. After that, pouring my own candles was the best option. My long-time girlfriend and I decided one Christmas that we were going to pour candles as our Christmas gifts to everyone. I loved it, she was definitely not fond of it. I then started pouring wax into pretty much anything that was safe for wax. My husband finally told me that I needed to start selling them as so many of our friends were loving them as gifts and wanted to gift them to their friends. Well, now we have a business!

Most of the items I get to make my candles are from other fellow family-owed small businesses and I love to support anything made in the good ole USA! I am currently still trying to get everything made in the USA, I am about 85% of the way there. No matter where the items are from, I ensure that they are non-toxic. 

Thank you for reading more into why I started this business! If you ever have any questions, I am always here to answer them! Just shoot me an email at countrysurferco@gmail.com.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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